Carmela y la tierra

A portrait of sculptor, photographer and multimedia artist, Carmela Castrejón.  Material is one of the main aspects of the artist's practice. In this video, I highlight Carmela's close relationship with the tactile, bodily soil methodically changed into clay, shape, wisdom. (Tijuana, Baja California, MX 2016)

A day in San Diego: Un poema en canvas

One Day In San Diego: Un Poema en Canvas is a short contemplative portrait of San Diego as a US/Mexico border city made for submission to the media campaign One Day on Earth: One Day in San Diego, your day, your city, your future.  The poem is an attempt to convey the imaginary obituary of the artist that is swept away in the relentless growth and wealth of the city,

Special thanks to the members of Bomba-Puerto Rican Dance with Jade Power-Sotomayor and José Fusté practicing at The Centro Cultural de la Raza that glorious San Diego day. (San Diego, CA 2014)