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I am a video maker and educator, transplanted to Western Mass via San Diego, California, to which I was transplanted via Brooklyn, NY, in turn transplanted via Queens, NY, from Medellin, Colombia.

In my media work, I draw on my bi-national identity and my US/Mexico border and East-West North American experiences to tackle the existential conditions and cultural contradictions experienced by immigrants from Latin America who are living in the United States.

My videos address issues of migration, memory and identity through lyrical explorations of text, dialogue, theatrical adaptations and the depiction of intimate human relations within the context of urban landscapes. 

Presently, I’m a Visiting Assistant Professor of Video and Film, at The School of Humanities, Arts and Cultural Studies, Hampshire College, and a Research Associate at the Five College Women’s Studies Research Center, Five Colleges Incorporated (FCI) in Amherst, MA, and I live in the neighboring city of Northampton.