This is a four-week immersion in the screenwriting process in the campus of Hampshire College.

Students are introduced to the stages of story development for non-fiction and fiction film production. In workshop style, the class serves as practice audience for readings of drafts, treatments, and pitch presentations that culminates in a completed first act and step outline for the intended final script for short (8-12 min) documentary/non-fiction, experimental, or narrative script. Students also explore the power of story and storytelling, develop ideas for fiction and non-fiction projects, and focus on the social impact (who cares? why care?) of the piece.

Students gain knowledge about the stages of development, formatting, and distribution process, and acquire screenwriting skills that will prepare them for future film production projects.

The program includes day trips to iconic film archives in the region such as Harvard Film Archives in Boston, The Anthology Film Archives and the Museum of the Moving Image in New York City.

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